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Dust and heat,
Sun-scorched wastelands
Have I traded one doom for another?
The dream of freedom now turned bitter,
My cracking throat not soothed by an ideal

Wastes unending,
A fiery furnace
The carrion-eaters begin to circle

Each second beneath the sun brings me closer to madness
How could I have thought I would survive?
Freedom is a dream for men who do not suffer thirst
A thought no more substantial than a desert mirage

A dream for slaves to chase
The carrot before the stick
No one is free
So long as they draw breath.

Desert winds scorch the skin
Flesh will be stripped to the bone
Blazing heat, its work complete
Rend my body to a ghoul

The stuff of nightmares
Demon of the wastes
Naivete not unpunished
Sun-scarred face
The dream of freedom
Now replaced by thirst
High-minded ideals
Ill-suited for this world

I wish only to end my pain
But the wilderness has no mercy


from Desert Priestess, released March 27, 2016




Alturúk Ontario

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