Obsidian Pits

from by Alturúk

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Civilized urbanites scream for blood
Too cowardly to risk their own
Short of breath, hammered chest, crimson streaks
Spread for their entertainment

Wear the bones of fallen foes
Lest you share their bitter, blood-soaked fate
Agony, treachery, obsidian pits will take us all

This is the game of the obsidian pits:
Where sanguine rain is all to quench our thirst
A mockery of nature, a brutal defilement
Spilling blood will only salt the earth

You will become an animal
Give into the bloodlust and let rage consume
You shall never escape the pits
Obsidian blades will run you through

The screams above like thunder before a storm
Starving masses entertained by cruelty
Oblige them or you life is forfeit
Just another stain upon the glass
Will you meet your end in this pit of black death,
to the sound of hateful cheers?
We are greater than our masters in one respect:
The ferocity they bred within us.

I will escape from the obsidian pits
The cost of life is nothing to me now
Their entertainment will be their undoing
My life is mine, and burning like a flame


from Desert Priestess, released March 27, 2016




Alturúk Ontario

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