The Mask of Judgement

by Alturúk

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Locked away beneath the earth lies the Mask of Judgement, an ancient artefact of incredible power. These are the chronicles of the roles it has played throughout human history, and the terrible price that must be paid by anyone who dares to wear it.

With its third demo EP, Alturúk returns to a more serious tone. Expect blistering riffs, grand orchestrations, triumphant choirs, some progressive-metal influences, and a marked improvement in sound quality over the first two EPs.


released April 2, 2015

All music and lyrics by Alturúk.

Thanks to family and friends, black coffee, diminished sevenths, and the novitiates of the Mask.

Special thanks to Goreslut for the cover art.




Alturúk Ontario

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Track Name: The Mask of Judgement
The Mask of Judgement, the Helm of Darkness
Crown of the Chthonic King who weighs human souls
The curved horns of ivory, the lidless eyes
The grafted face of the Dark Bridgekeeper, faceless forevermore

Will you don the Mask, the Mask of Judgement?
And witness through its eyes what cannot be unseen?
Mortal men perceive this world through veils and shadows;
Through the Mask even the weakest can see with eyes unclouded.

Locked away beneath the Earth
A sepulchre of godly worth
The Mask is buried with the bodies of all who strove to wear it
The dessicated bones of kings and heroes line the tomb
Their ascension fuelled by divine sight
That also spurred their fall

Journey to the womb of the world
Where death was born, where demigods are interred.
Don the Mask, gain the knowledge divine,
Ascension towards death!

Journey to the womb of the world (The Mask of the Judgement, the Helm of Darkness)
The relic sleeps, awaiting those who dream
To rise into realms of the Divine
To see truth and be.
Track Name: Chthonic Empire
In the time before mankind, lots were drawn, domains defined,
Gods divided, fate decided, spheres of influence aligned.
Sky and ocean, war and hearth, storm and river, mind and heart:
Realms shaped for mortal souls, infinite but numbered.

Man was formed from clay and dust, temporary vessels for a spirit.
Souls sealed into a mortal form.
Capable of traversing the realms of gods but bound,
To a final fate beneath the ground.

The Eldest rules the underworld!
Where mortal souls shall remain
An afterlife of mists and shadows,
Without light, but without pain


Thus was the first age of man auric but austere
Their souls unweighed, but numbered days
Meant life was all they would revere.

Mankind's first age was ended by the youngest god, the last divine:
He that holds dominion over discord and ambition.
Desire grew to overthrow his eldest sibling's realm
To forge a kingdom in the land beyond the dark waters

Sinister desire!
Necrotic empire!
An army ever growing
The dead shall not rest!

And so the Youngest wove a web of artifice and cunning
To subdue the Eldest divine, the just and rightful Ruler of the Underworld.
With face wreathed in shadow and weapons forged in the fires of stars
He descended into the cavernous mists beneath the world,
Crossed the dark waters unending, and entered the realm of his sibling:
Whose silver throne is black and tarnished, and whose eyes see all.
There, he challenged for the right to rule the dead.

The younger, with evil cunning
Strikes at the all-seeing eyes
The Eldest subdued, but cannot be killed,
And so the final humiliation
The youngest takes the face of his sibling
And with it, creates a MASK
The eldest: faceless,
To stand over the Dark Waters as Bridgekeeper
Guardian of a realm usurped

Mankind lament
Sins to repent

Gods' abomination!
Facial excarnation!
The Mask of Judgement born
Chthonic Empire formed.
Track Name: Servants of Amethyst
A cosmos thrown into disorder,
Domains of gods ripped and usurped.
In the shadows grows a power
Amassing the ethereal.

Boundaries now thrown asunder,
In the spaces lies a niche:
A deity sans definition
Now with godhood in her reach!

That which is not defined
Remains real!
She will unite the unaligned
And force the world to kneel!

A legion grows, without sound
Without orders or a banner.
Their flesh and bones begin to twist
To suit their mistress's desire.

Vow to serve her wicked will!
Pupils shrink into a line,
Tender hands become cruel claws,
Animals crepuscular!

Between night and day is her domain;
The violet twilight her disguise.
Monstrous legions praise her name
The violet gem in violent eyes!

The Servants of Amethyst
The Servants of Amethyst

The war begins
Nations fall
Lady Amethyst
Will overtake all

None could hope to stand against
the Twilit Tide
The end of man
Mighty empires crushed by the servants of the void

Facing certain doom, the kings of men prepared a spell
To steal away an artefact from the depths of hell!

The Mask of Judgement would be bound
To the mortal earth, beneath the ground
To provide mankind the wisdom
Needed to survive.

The wrath of Underworldly Kings
Would never be escaped,
But with this boon they might see
Their kingdoms left unscathed.

The Mask of Judgement now secured,
The council sought to save the world:
Elected one of their number
To wear the Eldest's face

Agony omniscient
But through the Mask a serpent's voice:

Victory cannot be found,
But still, there remains one choice.

If Amethyst controls the earth,
Dawn will never come again,
And in this sunless twilight
The very earth will freeze.

Abandon earth, hide underground,
The legions will soon freeze to death:
Their mistress does not care for them
And then the world you can reclaim,

From the Servants of Amethyst
(Frozen, abandoned)

The Servants of Amethyst
Track Name: Daughter of the Sun
And so, the human race retreated beneath the earth
Under cover of twilit sky, the servants of Amethyst saw the walls of ice advance,

A night, a winter, unending, with no hope of dawn. The Sun silenced and bound, like his eldest sibling before him.

And so mankind suffered, and lingered, with citadels of ice above, and the sepulchre of the Mask beneath.



Waiting for one who, by birthright, could don the Mask and, with its power, bring dawn forth.
Progeny of the second divine to be usurped.

The one who could lead mankind back to the surface, and destroy those who had taken it from them.

The flaming arms. The burning sword.

Victoria Solis.

The Daughter of the Sun.

Have no fear
Take up arms
The Demigoddess
Will lead the charge

Sword of flame
Evil's bane
The wicked cannot
Speak her name

We'll rise up
Retake our home
Ice and soulless
Thralls dethroned

From earth which lies
'Neath twilit rime
She will bring dawn
For Mankind!

Victoria Solis!
Daughter of the Sun!
Divinity shining
Like the coming dawn!

Beings infernal,
Monuments of ice,
Will be forever banished!
Dawn and paradise!
Track Name: The Cult of the Thief
But all of this
Was long ago.
The names of gods
Both ebb and flow.

You have come here beneath the earth to seek
The artefact which raises up the weak
To godly realms of false divinity;
We are those who fell prey to its deceit.


Ignore our warning at your own peril!
Though you've ventured where evil creatures dwell,
You are not prepared to face the truth
The Mask of Judgement
Will consume you!

As I lay my eyes upon The Mask of Judgement,
I feel the weight of the souls who wore it:
Their might, their grace, their lust for power;
Kingdoms, empires, revered as Messiahs!

With it I'll join the ranks of their greatness:
Divine, Hallowed, worshipped, venerated.
No more thieving, starving,
I'll destroy the law men cowardly kings HIDE BEHIND

Don The Mask
Don The Mask
Don The Mask
Don The Mask