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Alturúk returns with its second demo EP!

Ghosts, goblins, monsters and mead abound in this twenty minute opus of polka-infused folk-metal silliness from the frozen wastes of Canada.

In compliance with the draconian laws of the icy northern kingdom from which it hails, all lyrics on "Malheurmiel" are written an incomprehensible mish-mash of both French and English, to better alienate native speakers of both languages.

Prenez un verre et découvrez "Malheurmiel," un album de folk-metal ridicule en Franglais!


released October 27, 2014

All music and lyrics by Alturúk.

Special thanks to friends and family, the French language, home-brewed mead, and to KQ for the cover art.




Alturúk Ontario

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Track Name: People of the Montagnes
Dans les cavernes sombres, hidden deep inside the earth,
Where no light shines except for our own brilliantes yeux,
And deep in the misty forêts, that shroud the tallest montagnes,
Nous cachons from the sunlight, et the children of Adam.

But now the sun is setting behind the mountain's peak,
And the long, sombre hiver nuit begins to fall once more.
Our time is here! Rejoix Trollfolken!
Emerge from your hiding places!
Vinterfest approche!

We will sing et danse beneath la pleine lune
And around the roaring fire we will drink to our freedom retrouvée
When the people of this world se couchent dans leurs lits,
We will haunt their dreams with the joyous sound
Of our revelry!

Bring out the cups and tables,
Tap les barils et light the feu
A Notre Santé! The masters of the night
Drink the ale and join your kin this is no time for douceur
Our cups runeth over avec plaisir et hydromel!

People of the montagnes
Drink with me!

Nous ne pouvons pas arrêter le rite terrible
Il y a déja commencé et maintenant
le monde sera consommé par les flammes!

Cette nuit is our right!
Banissons the light!
Vinterfest approche!
Sous le ciel fonce!

Trollfolken, once again, we retake the surface world
Time once more to drink and dance and sing beneath the stars unfurled.

But this time we shall not cease, for now that we have been released,
There is no undoing what we will commit this night!
Draw les symboles infernels, speak the words unspeakable,
Help complete the Ritual!

That dawn may never rise again
The moon will swallow up the sun
And our evil, drunken, happy, twilit revelry will never have to end!
Track Name: Roast Beast
Le chef dit qu'on a besoin d'une fête
Nous devons chasser une bête
Delicieuse mais dangereuse
Prenez votre lance!

Prayers for a successful hunt
Offerings to the gods
Bless our arrows with primal grace
The beast we seek is a deadly adversary
It will either be its life or yours

It's a terror!
A brutal monster!
Nous avons seulement une chance!

Tusks like razors and hooves like thunder
Its hide bristles with the broken blades of those who've failed
Giant mouth oozes stench and saliva
Its fangs like an army of daggers

Mais ses griffes mechantes et queue pointue ne sont pas le pire.
Il n'attaque pas avec ses cornes, laissez-moi vous dire:
Vous devez avoir peur des yeux de la créature,
Parce que si vous les regardez
Vous mourrez!

The beast can kill with just a gaze!
Strike for its glowing eyes!
Glory awaits us if we survive, join the hunt!

So we tracked the beast down to its cave:
We could hear its breath and smell its foul stench from outside its lair
The horrid monster could awaken at any moment.
So I called to my men:
Draw your weapons! Prendre les armes!
N'avais pas peur!
We will claim its head and feast tonight!

The beast emerged! I covered my eyes and ran.
The men who fought were all slaughtered in seconds
There is a difference between courage and stupidity,
And I know it!
But the fools' sacrifice was not in vain,
Meat is back on the menu!
Track Name: Malheurmiel
Prepare yourselves my brothers
The battle draws near
We need something to alleve our fear
Drink the liquid given to us by the gods
It will even out the odds

It's produced by the work of the bees
Infused! with the Hemlock weed
Potent and awful your mind will spin
But tomorrow we shall surely win!

Ah! Malheurmiel
Fight like a demon from hell
A hangover unlike any other
The power of Malheurmiel!

Fight with the rage of a bear!
Défendez notre terre
La geule du bois sera insupportable!
Nos ennemis seront terrifiés!

Strenth of a beast
Head pounding
Spear like the sting of a bee
Trumpets sounding

The battle begins, the banners fly
Today is not our day to die
Embrace the pain we brought upon ourselves

Their weapons can't harm you
Their courage will break
Victory is ours to take

We have been tempered in poison
Strengthened by the drink!

Descendons sur eux comme une marée
Un ours furieux dans une ruche d'abeille!
But only time will tell
If anyone survives le Malheurmiel!

Ah! Malheurmiel
Fight like a demon from hell
A hangover unlike any other
The power of Malheurmiel!