Desert Priestess

by Alturúk

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Alturúk ventures once more into the lands beneath the crimson sun to bring you Desert Priestess: a story of thirst, blood, redemption and sand.

A spiritual successor of sorts to Alturúk's first demo, Desert Priestess seeks to take you to a dying, sun-scorched world of thirst and avarice, where blood is cheaper than water.


released March 27, 2016

All music and lyrics by Alturúk.

Thanks to Dan, Tash, Nika and Electron for hardware and patience, and to Brom, Baxa, Timothy Brown, Troy Denning, and Hans for inspiration. Thanks to friends and family for their support.

Cover art and design by Goreslut.




Alturúk Ontario

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Track Name: Beneath the Crimson Sun
I have wandered the sands
Beneath the crimson sun
The curse upon this land
Cannot be undone

Choke upon the dust of empires
Taste naught but ash
A bitter struggle that ends unmarked
Sunbleached bones upon the sand
Nothing survives without a psychic cost
Feel the flame, the burning pain
The anguish of paradise lost

Of avarice and greed
Has destroyed!
A world too dry to bleed
Tyrant kings!
Cling to twisted empires
Civil slaves!
Toil towards demise

How long can we survive upon this wounded world?
When faced with starvation, we prey upon ourselves

Pray for rain, death awaits
Pray for death without pain

Pray for rain, death awaits
Pray for death, Pray for Death.

Slavers come from what they call civilization
Petty serfs that together bring devastation
Scavengers: tools without volition
A pack of starving dogs bringing down a lion

This is the role of man:
The pawns of tyrant lords
The empires will expand
Until this world is gone
Track Name: Obsidian Pits
Civilized urbanites scream for blood
Too cowardly to risk their own
Short of breath, hammered chest, crimson streaks
Spread for their entertainment

Wear the bones of fallen foes
Lest you share their bitter, blood-soaked fate
Agony, treachery, obsidian pits will take us all

This is the game of the obsidian pits:
Where sanguine rain is all to quench our thirst
A mockery of nature, a brutal defilement
Spilling blood will only salt the earth

You will become an animal
Give into the bloodlust and let rage consume
You shall never escape the pits
Obsidian blades will run you through

The screams above like thunder before a storm
Starving masses entertained by cruelty
Oblige them or you life is forfeit
Just another stain upon the glass
Will you meet your end in this pit of black death,
to the sound of hateful cheers?
We are greater than our masters in one respect:
The ferocity they bred within us.

I will escape from the obsidian pits
The cost of life is nothing to me now
Their entertainment will be their undoing
My life is mine, and burning like a flame
Track Name: Wastelands
Dust and heat,
Sun-scorched wastelands
Have I traded one doom for another?
The dream of freedom now turned bitter,
My cracking throat not soothed by an ideal

Wastes unending,
A fiery furnace
The carrion-eaters begin to circle

Each second beneath the sun brings me closer to madness
How could I have thought I would survive?
Freedom is a dream for men who do not suffer thirst
A thought no more substantial than a desert mirage

A dream for slaves to chase
The carrot before the stick
No one is free
So long as they draw breath.

Desert winds scorch the skin
Flesh will be stripped to the bone
Blazing heat, its work complete
Rend my body to a ghoul

The stuff of nightmares
Demon of the wastes
Naivete not unpunished
Sun-scarred face
The dream of freedom
Now replaced by thirst
High-minded ideals
Ill-suited for this world

I wish only to end my pain
But the wilderness has no mercy
Track Name: Desert Priestess
Take my hand, transcend
This world can be saved
Drink, be well
And I'll teach you
A spell.

Now I am reborn!
Allegiance sworn!
Tell me what to do my mistress
I will see it done

There is a rite to summon rain
(Rainless, godless, starving, hopeless)
Sympathetic magic, terrible to behold
(Twisted, wicked, eldritch, magic)
Take the knife and raise it to your skin
(Razor, gleaming, thirsting, dreaming)
Spill your blood to call the rain
(Incise, begin, exsanguination, bring rain, bring rain)
Bring rain!

Droplets fall, transcend
This is not the end.
With sacrifice, you can be saved
Spill your blood and spread the faith.
Track Name: Rain Bringer
Now we'll march on tyrant kingdoms:
Bring the gift of rain and life.
With the act of our devotion
Bring your flesh against the knife!

The blood we sacrifice nourishes our mighty queen
Ambrosia arterial, the reward yet unseen

She will deliver us from thirst and pain
But we must prove our devotion
Or she will never bring us rain!